When Your Ex Finds Someone New...and You Don't

     Why does it hurt so bad when we see our ex with someone new? My last boyfriend was not a very nice person. He was not a good a matter of fact, he was one of the most selfish and unkind people I became to know, but I digress. Breaking up with someone is never fun and seeing your ex with someone new is heartbreaking. When my ex and I broke up over four years ago I actually felt relieved. He had cheated and we stayed together. I became a paranoid koo koo bird that drove to the gym, parked outside of it, and checked to see if his car was there. I even did the dreaded...check his phone move. I was younger then I am now of course and I have clearly matured. So, if he was such a douchebag why did it hurt when I saw his lovey-dovey post on Facebook that included a picture of his new girlfriend?

     Maybe I was hurt because he has someone new and I know who he really is. She hasn't met the selfish, cheating, plays the guitar while sitting on the toilet, obsesses over his outfit choices, and owns more moisturizers then me guy. She has yet to meet Mr. I am going to the gym, but not really going there. New girl also doesn't know Mr. I am going to call my mom and tell her all of our relationship business either. Why does 'New Girl' get to meet this new amazing and loving guy while I had to be with the aforementioned a-hole? It's not fair.


Draft Day Film Interview w/Tom Welling: From Superman to Football Hero...

 Tom Welling as Brian Drew in the film Draft Day

     Tom Welling is insanely good looking, has perfect teeth and eyes that you can lose yourself in if you're not careful. As I stroll in fully prepared to be super professional, not lose my cool, and interview him according to my pre-written soon as we begin to talk, all of that goes out the window. Good looks aside, he is so much more than his perfect teeth and ocean blue eyes...Not only is he genuinely nice, but smart and most of all humble. Dressed in a button-up shirt and jeans, I can't help but notice how much he has matured from the cute young man we came to know as Clark Kent years ago on "Smallville".

     He melted our hearts as Clark Kent/Superman on the hit series, and is now grabbing our attention as Brian Drew in the new film, Draft Day starring Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner. Portraying a football star that is proving his worth after fighting his way back from an injury, his future is hanging by a thread on the day of the NFL draft. Tom brings out a vulnerability we as the audience not only root for but want to see more of. I sat down for a quick interview with the star at The Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills...

Jonesie: Hi Tom congratulations on the film! Your character is very poignant and integral to the story. I was rooting for him!

Tom: Thank you so much that means a lot. I wanted him to make it too...I was watching the film and I was rooting for him!

Jonesie: Although we do not see your character in every scene of the film, your character is with us in every scene. He is spoken of, talked about, and you have such a pivotal role that even when we don't see you we as the viewer are thinking about you. There's also that intense scene you have with Kevin [Costner, who plays Cleveland Browns General Manager Sonny Weaver in the film]...

Tom: Yeah, I had to film that [confrontation] twenty minutes after I just met him! What's different about that scene is that although it is very intense and heated, you can tell that there is something bigger there between them. Brian and Sonny are almost like a father/son or big brother/little brother relationship. Brian Drew is not petulant and there is a connection there.


A Little Bit of Awesomeness...

Hello Dolls! I have been crazy busy covering premieres and writing script that I had to take a little blogging break the past two weeks, but wanted to share this amazing artists work. The art he creates really resonates with me. The images are precise but yet messy. Colorful and yet stained. The artists name is Michael Tompsett and here are a few of his canvas pieces...I'll be back next week with new blog posts and celebrity interviews, and you can also click the Uptown Magazine link (on your left hand side of the screen) to read pieces I have posted there! Love & Light xoxo Jonesie

Los Angeles Skyline

Montreal Skyline

London Skyline

Non-Stop Red Carpet Film Premiere...

Press Line

Liam Neeson

Lupita N'Yongo floated onto the carpet...literally!
Lupita N'Yongo

Non-Stop Full Cast Pic
Nate Parker


5 Times When Being Single Sucks...

     Sometimes being single friggin' sucks. Before you roll your eyes at me, let me also state that if you are a regular reader of my blog you know that I in no way feel you need a man to complete you, be happy or live a fulfilled life...I have been happily single for over four years now and have written over 50 blog post demonstrating that. Now with that disclaimer being said...well typed...let me also state that there are definite times when being single does in fact suck:

Being Single Sucks When:

1) When my 82 year old Grandmother tells me to use up my eggs before they dry up: Yup, this happened, in a store, in public, because when you're 82, you can literally say anything you want and get away with it. It happened like this: 
Me: "Nanny, I don't really care about getting married."
Nanny: "How old are you now?"
Me: "33."
Nanny: "You better use those eggs up before they dry up."

     Here's why this sucks: A) Who wants to disappoint their grandma? B) I'm 33 years old and yes, my eggs are drying up. C) I am literally in no rush to be married or have kids D) There is no D actually, I just like even numbers. Okay, so yes I am single, I am not in a rush to be married nor am I purposely looking for a man to procreate with. This is an instance when being single sucks, because I do think about the fact that both of my grandmothers are up in age, and if I were to find someone to spend my life with, I would like both of them to be here for it.


90 Days on Match Weeks 5 & 6: This Sucks...

     5 Reasons why Sucks:

1) There are over 100 questions the system asks you to answer to "Match" you with someone that has similar interests and then picks your interest based on none of those answers.

2) The system bases the matches they send you three common interest that are insanely frivolous like: You both enjoy dining out, Like you he likes dogs, and He enjoys watching movies. Really? Really Match? Really?


That Moment I Listed My Never Worn Wedding Gown on eBay...

     One day in 2009, Halloween to be exact, my mom and I went shopping at the mall and began looking for wedding dresses. Let me set the scene; my ex-boyfriend and I had been together over one year and he wanted to move in together. I did not. I have written about him before...he's the douchebag that I lived with, and broke up with me over text message. Yup, that happened. Anyway, we moved in together after all and things were going well, and when he told me he wanted to marry me, I said sure. The conversation pretty much went like this:
Him: We should get married...maybe next summer?
Me: Okay, maybe we can go to Jamaica.

     So...ummm...yes that's how the conversation went. I mentioned it to my mom a few months later and here we were in the mall on Halloween and decided to go look at wedding dresses. First we went to Saks. My mom wanted to buy me one of those ten thousand dollar wedding dresses, and I thought that was the craziest idea ever, because who the hell really needs a dress that costs that much? I had the brilliant, (but not highly favored by her), idea to go over to the David's Bridal store across the mall parking lot and just, well, grab something.

     When I walked into the store the sales woman immediately approached us and started asking me so many questions, and at such a speedy rate, that I just nodded yes to everything. Literally, anything she asked, said, or did, I just said yes! I don't know why I became so discombobulated when she was firing all of these questions and suggestions at me, but I did. I honestly felt scared. Remember when you were little and your parents would turn off the light in your room, and you'd look over at your closet, knowing nothing was really in there, but convincing yourself that something or someone was? That's how I felt. Like there was this monster inside the closet and I couldn't figure out why.


Let's Discuss Birth Control...Shall We?

This post is sponsored by, all opinions are my own.

     Okay kids here's the skinny: I have written entire posts about condom usage and talking to your partner about what you want, need, don't want, and absolutely will not do in bed. I've gone into detail about discussing finances with your partners and past sexual history, but then I realized I have yet to write about one other relationship aspect: Birth Control. Seems like such an easy thing to do right? I mean it's all about a woman going to her doctor, grabbing a prescription, and taking it right? Oh man if it were only that easy...there are so many other factors to discuss, actualize and outweigh when it comes to you, your partner and birth control...

     Birth control can be a pain in the ass. No, really, it can be. I have literally tried every type of pill, shot, patch etc. for years before I found what works for me. How many different types of pills? 5 different types and they all had different effects on my body, one brand made my boobs swell up, which being an A-cup made me feel super sexy until I tried to sleep on my stomach and winced in pain. Back to the doctor...then I heard about the birth control patch, so I tried it and had an allergic reaction to it and went back to the pill. I kept forgetting to take my pill. Back to the doctor...she suggested the birth control shot, and I LOVED IT!


Awkward Girl in the City: Living & Dating in L.A. UPDATE...

Awkward Girl in the City is being turned into a Web Series!

To Live & Date in L.A. (web series) Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front

To Live & Date in L.A. is the complimentary web series I have written based entirely on my blog and I am so happy to announce that we will be filming season 1 & 2 of the web series this summer. Awkward Girl in the City: Living & Dating in L.A. is not going anywhere by the way. My blog is my priority and the web series is an extension of it. I cannot wait for you all to see the episodes and continue this amazing ride with me. I have designed a super cute t-shirt that I am selling to raise funds for production costs. Buy one for yourself, your girlfriend, mom, grandma, cousins, sister, and everyone else you know! 

Log onto: to buy...

Thanks so much for your support xoxo Jonesie

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90 Days on Week 4...Fu*k those Commercials

     Listen, all of these insane, never going to happen, literally not based on anything but one fact in common like, 'You both like dogs!', matches are absolutely ridiculous! Week four has felt like a complete waste of time. During weeks 1-3 I figured I had to give it time, and see if the Match system could work in my favor...damn that, this site is absurd. Why my anger? Those super fake commercials that air all day. This is why they annoy me:

#1) asks you to sign up to be a featured member, which will include being in a Match commercial.

#2) The people in the commercial literally look perfect.

#3) The daters in the commercial all have these "Oh so busy lives", like running marathons, working in fashion, etc. and just have not one minute in their day to try and find someone new.